# Installation on local machine

To install your app in different local environments, you need to:

# 1. Extract your file

Extract your zip file to your server directory.

# 2. Create a database

Create a database for Muzzie (through your server control panel, phpMyAdmin, or any program of your choice).

# 3. Start your server

# If you are NOT using a server app ( Xampp, Wamp, Laragon, etc..)

a. Open your command line

b. Go to the directory of your app

c. Start the server

    php artisan serve

# If you are using a server app ( Xampp, Wamp, Laragon, etc..)

a. Make sure your app folder is in the right place ( each server program has its serving directory )


You should configure your web server's document / web root to be the public directory. If you do not know how to that, check online guides based on your server software or contact us.

b. Start your server

# 3. Run the installation wizard

Go to your website address, then you'll see an installation wizard. just follow the easy steps and your app is good to go.