# How to create an album & podcast

In this section, we are going to see the steps on how to create an album and fill it with songs either from admins or artists. The same steps are applied for podcasts creation and there is no huge difference.

1. Go to the admin dashboard

2. Go to "Albums" ("Podcasts" for podcasts)

3. Click on "New"

4. Fill in the empty fields & save

After the creation of the album, the edit window is gonna pop up ( you can always access this window by clicking on the edit icon of the album ).

You will see the album information at the top while at the bottom there is a section where you can manage the album content ( songs ).

To add a song to an album you can either:

1. Create a new song by clicking on the button "New. This will open the standard song creation/editing dialog that we have seen before. All you have to do is to fill in the empty fields & save.

2. Attach an existing song by clicking on the button "Attach". This will open a small dialog where you can search for the song that you are willing to add to this album.

# important notes

1. Album songs are going to have by default their album cover, so if you wanna avoid giving each song the same cover, update the album cover first then create the songs.

2.You can always detach or delete songs.

3. You can also rank the songs using the drag button at the beginning of every song line.