# Changes

# New features

  • Spotify API integration ( You can now import content from Spotify ).

  • Listen Notes API integration ( largest podcast database on the internet).

  • PWA(Progressive web application): You can now install your app directly to the desktop or mobile devices with many other features.Read more about PWA

  • Google Analytics 4: Get analytics directly to your GA4 panel with the possibility to report more than 10 events.

  • Brand new installer: Better UI, Easy to use & optimized. This new installer was made because a lot of our clients have faced installation issues and so we decided to make something that we are proud of.

  • You can disable artists, subscriptions, store, and many other features on the installation. This was added to optimize your app based on your needs.

  • SmartP: When a user plays a song, a playlist will be fetched and queued based on the same genre/artist/album of that song. You will be able to configure the order of these factors.

  • Social Sharing: You can now share your app content to social media websites( Facebook, Twitter...etc) with the integration of OG meta tags. This also allows such engines to crawl your website.

  • Music Store: It is possible now to sell songs/albums with licenses of your choice.

  • Artists can now earn money. They can collect stream royalties and/or earn from sales of their digital products.

  • Artists can request payouts from the payout methods you allow.

  • Contact artists/users directly from your admin dashboard.

  • External Links: You can add external links to your website ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...etc). Small icons will be shown on the right sidebar which will redirect to the desired external destination.

  • Songs, albums, artists also have now fields for external links ( Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and iTunes)

  • Option to label a song/album as explicit/exclusive.

  • You can now create custom pages ( Ex: Policy Privacy, Terms of service...etc).

  • SHOUTcast stream support.

  • 2 new content layouts ( Cards & Lists ).

  • Youtube videos can now be disabled (only audio).

  • x3 Performance boost
  • UI improvements.

  • Bugs fixes.

  • and more...

We will keep improving and your trust means so much to us