# Changes

# New features

  • Email: Added Mailgun API option
  • Install button: An install button will show now so people can install your app on their devices ( PC, Android, iOS...etc)
  • Genres: now you can add genres to pages & sections.
  • Section: now you can move left, right and delete existing items on a section. This makes it easier to adjust than the previous approach, where you have to delete all the items and start adding them ones again.

# Bug fixes

  • Podcasts: fixed an issue that was occuring when the listen notes API was activated
  • Register play/stream: fixed an issue while registring song play to the system.
  • Genres: genres hover animation resulted a glitch on Safari browsers.
  • Chat: fixed an issue with the chat feature functionalities
  • Sections: quitting the section windows was not possible after a server error occurred.
  • Song/Artist admin search: song & artist search was not working on the admin panel.
  • Player: playing a song video after a radio was causing a glitch.
  • Other bugs

# Improvements

  • There were issue reported connecting to email providers. We have improved this.
  • Added the core features list and feature updates for all the versions
  • Youtube iframe: You can now disable the YouTube feature completely from the admin panel ( settings > general )

# Changed files

app (the whole folder)




# How to update

PS: make sure you have upgraded to version 3.2

to update from V3.2 to V3.3

1 - Replace the changed files mentioned above

2 - visit the URL [YOUR DOMAIN]/update/3.3

If you get "UPDATED SUCCESSFULLY", you should be good to go!

If you face any issues, please contact us.