# Changes

# Bug fixes

  • Panel color does not reset or revert back after it is changed.
  • Refreshing the podcast page results issues.
  • Meta tags website image not found ( we added a new default one ).
  • Currently playing animation on featured cards goes outside the container.
  • Overflowed navigation items were completely unreachable on smaller height screens specifically.
  • USA was not available on the country list
  • User menu was no showing properly on the landing page.
  • Switch theme, switch lang was not possible for non auth users.
  • Panel Color on light theme issue: The selected panel color not taking effect on the player & sidebar.
  • Custom podcast genres was not having rounded corners.

# Improvments/New features

  • We have added a new language switcher: Users can now choose the language they prefer. The language switcher will show on the navbar

# Changed files

app (the whole folder)



routes (the whole folder)

# How to update

to update from V3.1 to V3.2

1 - Replace the changed files mentioned above

You should be good to go!

If you face any issues, please contact us.