# Changes

# Bug fixes

  • Currently playing music: After switching from normal song to radio station, the currently playing animation does not change.
  • Right sidebar hidden elements below on smaller screens
  • Subscription window on 1280px screen issue
  • Share song on facebook & twitter bug.
  • Play button & purchase button collapse on featured cards layout
  • Radio name/play issue on the featured cards layout
  • Dark/light theme button display issue
  • Create new language issue
  • Podcast creation issue`
  • Song deletion issue
  • Podcast genre creation issue
  • Now no longer multiple panels opening at the same time on the player

# Improvments

UI improvments on smaller screens

# Changed files


# How to update

to update from V3 to V3.1

Keep only public/storage & .env

Replace all the folders & files.

Tip: To avoid getting into issue:

1 - Download the CodeCanyon file again.

2 - Create a new directory in your server.

3 - Upload your CC file & Extract it there.

4 - Move the public/storage & .env file from the old directory the the new one.